Chip Parcell - President

Chip's life-long passion for home improvements, renovations and construction led to the formation of CJC Custom Homes, LLC in November 2008. Chip has worked in the field since 1997 and has delighted in exceeding the expectations of his customers. Named after his two sons, Jordan and Colby, the business continues to exemplify its mission of providing a personal touch to every job. As a Project Manager since 1990, Chip has developed an unmatched ability to manage every element and detail of the most diverse jobs. His natural attention to detail and individual oversight of each project lead to top-notch construction quality. Chip's commitment to construction excellence coupled with timely project completions and friendly, reliable communications with customers sets CJC Custom Homes, LLC apart from other construction companies.

Chip holds an Unlimited Residential and Commercial Building License in the State of North Carolina.


Shannon Parcell, CPA, CFE

Shannon brings unparalleled attention to the financial details of our business. With her experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1995, Shannon ensures that our customers receive accurate estimates and transparent information covering all financial components of construction projects. We carefully review line-by-line estimates with our customers during the planning phase of each project. We take great pride in providing accurate cost estimates which eliminate surprises during the construction phases of projects. Our customers' cost expectations before construction begins are almost always consistent with the actual invoices produced throughout the engagement. Shannon's management of the financial aspects of the business allows Chip's focus to be directed towards on-site activities and leadership of sub-contractors performing the work.


Missy Schoning - Designer/Selections Coordinator

Missy has worked as a Designer in the Raleigh area for the last 15 years. She walks new home buyers through the entire range of selections that need to be made during the construction process. From exterior details to interior finishes Missy enjoys helpng new home buyers bring their visions into reality. She will manage the selections schedule as well as budget to ensure both are on track and well understood. Her broad range of projects allows Missy to remain current with design choices and trends. That coupled with her attention to detail make the process of building a new home with CJC Custom Homes, LLC easy and exciting.